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Scattered Herringbone


Scattered Herringbone Pattern Decal
***Please take note of size when ordering***
$22 - LARGE: 20 x 33 inches
$14 - SMALL: 12.50 x 18 inches

Price includes ONE sheet.

Vinyl used in photos:
Frame (19x27 inches) - 3 small sheets of white 1 sheet of gold
Accent wall - 18 sheets of large white

Decal looks great as an accent on a gallery wall, in a frame or on a piece of furniture. You can cut the design as well, to make it fit where you need it!
See additional images for tips on application if applying herringbone pattern allover.

PLEASE NOTE: Pattern is meant to be random. For this reason, if applying this decal all over (in a wallpaper technique), know that there will be slight variations in the way the pattern matches up. You may have to remove a few arrows/points, add or take away. Get creative and don't stress about things not being perfectly spaced. When you stand back, no mater what you do, it will look GREAT!